Thursday’s news items, part 2 [Where’s the love?; the love is in Manheim Township; $hit happens, missing & more] – 9/19/2019

show some love

Where’s the love? | Columbia Police Department’s Crimewatch page shows these non-loving offenses: harassment and creating a disturbance.


Deadline pressures | can lead to typographical errors. We fully appreciate that keyboard miscues occur when deadline speed is an imperative.

Afternoon delight | Hats off to these folks; hey, when the moment arises, do what you have to do. ” The Manheim Township Police Department daily news release lists this:

Open Lewdness Arrests, 2:24 p.m., Monday, September 16, 2019, 1525 Oregon Pike ā€“ Oregon Commons (MT) ā€“ Ann B. Pittaoulis, F/64, of Philadelphia, PA and Ibrahim J. Bechara, M/77, of Brookhaven, PA, were both charged with the above offense after both were observed engaging in a sex act inside of a car parked in the parking lot of the office complex. Bechara was additionally charged with Indecent Exposure as his exposed penis was also observed by a member of the public. A criminal complaint was filed against each party.”


Or you can head south | “The Solanco Fair in Quarryville, PA

muni brief 9-19.jpgLNP – Always Lancaster’s report on the 9/2 council meeting. Click on the graphic to enlarge.


Food Facility Inspection Reports for August, 2019

The Parks and Recreation Board is responsible for planning new parks, renovating existing parks, and planning activities for the children in the Borough. The Board meets the 2nd Thursday of every month in Borough Council Chambers. Are there agendas and minutes of these meetings.?




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