Friday’s news items [UGI increase; livable community; get registered & more] – 9/20/2019

How it begins | “‘Luring attempt’ was a misunderstanding, Ephrata police say”Lancaster Online

and there they areAugust 2019 food serving establishments inspections in August are now posted at the Borough Website.

ugly rate increase matches ugly meters | “Effective on or before Oct. 29, 2019 … the monthly bill for a typical customer using 64 Ccf per month will increase by $8.31, from $63.81 to $72.11 (13.0%). – press release, Pennsylvania Utilities Commission  

English-In a Livable Community Poster

Everything but consistent codes | Columbia is a livable community according to these AARP metrics. Took a friend from Lititz on a tour of Columbia yesterday. Our friend commented, after seeing the place on Heritage Drive — the one with all the weeds — “they’d never allow this in Lititz.”

The formula for what makes a community livable isn’t particularly complex. For the most part, the features and needs are fairly simple. But living in a place that, say, requires having a car for every errand or outing can be a difficult place to live if you don’t have a car or can’t drive. Living in a place without access to outdoor spaces, good schools and healthy food isn’t very livable, especially for young families. Living in a community that isn’t safe, or offers few activities, can be isolating for people regardless of age. On the other hand, a community that includes all of the features pictured in our “In a Livable Community” handout can be great — for people of all ages! AND people with a disability! – AARP

The end of this chapter | “Three Mile Island’s last day as a working reactor will be Friday”Penn Live

Register now | “Everyone who is eligible in Lancaster County should make sure they are registered to vote by the Oct. 7 deadline.” That’s the message in the editorial in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. There are important elections in Columbia this November — for borough council positions and for school board of director positions. REGISTER so you can vote. Deadline Alert: 10/07/2019 is the last day to register before the 11/05/2019 election.

LNP – Always Lancaster‘s game preview | “Columbia at Annville-Cleona: On paper, this is not exactly a great matchup for the Little Dutchmen, who have allowed a league-most 878 passing yards. Columbia QB Matt McCleary (931 yards, 11 TD passes) has gone up top early and often, and he has a fourpack of reliable pass-catchers in Ryan Redding (26-333, 5 TDs), Demetrius Diaz-Ellis (14-229, 3 TDs), Darnell Tucker (14-154) and Michael Poole (11-124). A-C must limit the Tide’s air attack, so keep an eye on safety Josh Speraw (12 tackles, 2 pass breakups, 1 INT) to help out in coverage.”


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  1. Yes that is a mess on Heritage drive.and codes does not do anything about it has been like that all SUMMER long what are they.waiting for?

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