Saturday’s news items [ouch in Annville; dood dessert?; & more] – 9/21/2019

113 points!!! | “Annville-Cleona sprints to 70-43 Section 3 win over Columbia”Lancaster Online

Next up: Lebanon | And Lebanon dumped first-place Lancaster Catholic last night.

food dessert

Columbia letter writer | Columbia can be considered a food dessert if transportation and digital access and familiarity challenge as this letter-to-the-editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster suggests.

Awesome: Private Persons & (West Hempfield Township) Police Partnership | “7 puppies safe after police officer helps transfer boxer’s roadside delivery to pet pantry”Lancaster Online

Film at 10 | FOX43-TV has the story too … plus a video of mom and the babies.

Let’s get ethical, Lloyd | “Local businesses and Church World Services asks Lloyd Smucker to support refugee policies ahead of presidential determination” Lancaster Online

Prime Timers Mayor Lutz September 25

Indian summer or global warming | Kinda’ doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s gonna’ be warmer than anticipated for this time of the year for the next week.

Spy camera blessing | “A new report found that CCTV surveillance is increasing in certain areas of the U.S., with one city government watching its citizens from 35,000 cameras.” Columbia might make it onto that list; but since nobody’s really sure whether the camera’s really work of that anyone monitors them, does it matter?

Not true: Not in Wonderland at least – Narcissists flock to there. And to Harrisburg.  As do pedophiles, liars, thieves, homophobes and other vile personality types | “Narcissism declines as we get older.” Futurity


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