More Saturday’s news items, part 2 [rabbit hole news: firestarters; slow tax movement;roundabouts; hyperinflation & more] – 9/21/2019

Bored? Start a fire. | That’s what this former volunteer firefighter did The Morning Call

Not a new problem | “Firefighter arson is a long-standing problem that impacts fire departments and communities across the nation. History suggests that firefighter arson is not a new phenomenon. In fact, the number of media reports suggests there are likely over 100 arrests per year.” – National Volunteer Fire Council

Slow as molasses | “Impasse looms over latest effort to ease bite of Pennsylvania school property taxes” The Morning Call

Don’t like ’em | PennDOT: They work.

People don’t like thinking about this, but … | “What to Know When Choosing Cremation”The New York Times

Is Argentina, Venezuela or Brazil in our future? | Nobody seems to careThe Boston Globe

Can’t happen; think again | “28 Countries Have Experienced Hyperinflation In the Last 25 Years” 

praying.jpg“How to pray for the Trump administration”The Boston Globe

Better options | than RoundupThe Washington Post

It’ll be a home game for you | warns Iran’s Revoloutionary Guard commanderThe Guardian, Nigeria

Gimme’ evangelists | not global warmingThe Guardian



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