Sunday’s news items [it ends today; strike; real estate investors; the power of petitions; trick or treat night & more] – 9/22/2019

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last day of summerGood bye, summer of ’19. | Today’s the last day.

Dependability! | You can find lists the weekly food inspections for Lancaster County’s food serving establishments at Lancaster Online‘s Website and you can find all the restaurants across the state at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website. Beginning on January 1, 2020, Columbia’s food-serving establishments will be posted there too; The Borough recently began posting its own conducted surveys at the Borough Website at the end of each month.

When is Trick or Treat night | Baffling that folks are asking when Trick or Treat Night is nearly a month a half before the night, but according to this Website:Trick or Treat Night (Halloween) Trick or Treat is celebrated on October 31 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. This policy was put in place by the Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee (LIMC) in 1992, and is followed by most other county municipalities.” Oh, yes, Columbia is a partner municipality in the LIMC. And this year October 31 is a Thursday! It’s best to take comments on some facebook pages with a grain of salt; comments like this one are inaccurate: “Trick or treat is never on a Friday due to the concerns for drinking and driving.”

Today may me a great day to | try ice cream from one of the 12 favorite Ice cream parlors in the Lancaster Newspapers’ readers’ poll.


GM workers strike | According to Wikipedia, “Strike action, also called labor strike, or simply strike, is a work stoppage, caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. A strike usually takes place in response to employee grievances. Most Western countries partially legalized striking in the late 19th or early 20th centuries.” GM’s labor unions see the “electric” writing on the wall.

WHY? |… oh, why, won’t the elected public servants in Harrisburg and Wonderland go on strike? Think it may be that their employers, YOU, may never want them back in the “plants?” Think it may be because they write and invoke their own pay, benefits and conditions and terms of employment? After all, that’s what GM and all workers want — a place at the table when determining pay, benefits and conditions and terms of employment. 

Citizen petitions | serve as a method of bringing direction and ethics to political and other decisions. More than 35 “neighbors of Lancaster Cemetery have expressed concerns over a plan to spray a weed-killing herbicide on the grounds of the 22-acre site.” The citizens have begun petitioning to stop the spraying of chemicals. – LNP – Always Lancaster‘s Lancaster Watchdog column.

Smucker voted against | “a bill (HR 1423) that would make mandatory-arbitration clauses unenforceable in federal employment, consumer, antitrust and civil rights disputes.” – LNP – Always Lancaster [NOTE: This bill passed in the House on September 20, 2019 and goes to the Senate next for consideration.] 

real estate investors

Three properties last week | Last week, it was these properties ( 338 North Third Street 626 Plane Street 331 Cherry Street)

Short Youtube video | “The Secret The Pennsylvania Sheriff Sales That Buyers Have.”

Philadelphia County | A few years ago, that Sheriff’s Department produced a video has a video learning series.


What we got now | Afraid, Joe, that you’re just another version of what we got now in the same-same party look for the Presidency in 2020. “The untold story: Joe Biden pushed Ronald Reagoan to ramp up incarceration — not the other way around.” Lies or untrue statements, whether fabricated or statements forgotten, are same-same, too. 










  1. Despite what calendars tell us, we know when the seasons change; so don’t necessarily believe what the calendars and others tell you.

    • You notice, though, the seasons are not changing the way we remember them. Heat is hanging on longer. Cold too.

      Pretty soon, we’ll have Chicago-like seasons: summer and winter. That’s it; kiss the two really delightful seasons, spring and fall, goodbye.

  2. Yes,Spring and Fall have always been the seasons of change, but now those changes are growing shorter.

    I remember when I live in D.C. and Winter would move into Summer in just a few days. I was from a four-season state, Maine, so I would say to someone, “What happened to Spring?”

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