Monday’s news items [Touring Columbia; tomorrow’s council meeting notes & more] – 9/23/2019

Columbia: Paris of the Susquehanna | Yep. according to this: “‘Don’t miss your chance to see why some are calling Columbia “the Paris of Pennsylvania,”’ says a postcard announcing a Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County architectural walking tour. The tour will be conducted in September in a ‘Paris’ along the Susquehanna, not the Seine.” – Lancaster Online

Tickets | “Please fill out the information on this page to register and purchase tickets.”

thumbs down

Thumbs down, Pequea Township elected public servants | Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster‘s editorial rightly blasts these elected public servants for scheduling meetings that are not conducive for public attendance and participation. “This is what public meetings should be: A room full of elected officials and impassioned residents airing their views, debating both sides of an important issue and working toward a solution. That’s how democracy works.”


Improved | Despite the clunky, dated, not-to-attractive Columbia Borough Website, whomever has taken ownership of it and is managing it today deserves thanks. It’s vastly improved recently and information, for the most part, is presented.

Tomorrow night’s council meeting agenda | 09-24-19 Borough Council Meeting Agenda and Packet – Without Aug 2019 Finance Report

NOTES | On the agenda are these items of interest:

  • Consider Hiring Plans:
    i. Planning & Zoning Manager (Planning for anticipated retirement of current employee)
    ii. Code Compliance Manager (Proposed to replace the vacant FT position of Code Compliance Manager)
    iii. Office Manager (Considering position in lieu of replacing Assistant Borough
  • Presentation by Susquehanna Valley Emergency Medical Services (SVEMS) regarding EMS Services
  • Consider HARB denial of Certificate of Appropriateness application for proposed alteration at 155 Bridge Street

More police vehicles | In the packet are the minutes of the September 12 Budget Meeting in which the police department is seeking funds in next year’s budget for more police vehicles: “Purchaser (sic) a 2020 Ford SUV (est. $34,125.00). This vehicle will be unmarked and will not require funds for decals.” and “Purchase 2019 Sedan Police
Interceptor (est. $26,150.00) with and additional (est. $1,000.00) for detailing.”

LutherCare project | Columbia’s just part of the project: “related work of the Luthercare’s personal care facilities and independent living facilities at St. John’s Herr Estate, located at 200 Luther Lane, Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (‘St. John’s Herr Estate’); (g) the design, construction, furnishing and equipping of approximately 14 new cottages, and related work on Luthercare’s personal care facilities and independent living facilities at St. John’s Herr Estate; and (h) payment of costs and expenses associated with such financing …”

street signs

A week in review | Have a look at a week’s worth of awesome photographs chronicling living in Columbia at Columbia Spy.

Humility of a hero | “Beaumont hotel employee hailed as a hero after running hotel solo during Imelda’s flooding.” 



    • Yes, it’s a mess, we agree. But, comparatively, it’s better than it has been. Somebody’s trying and that’s laudable.

      What’s not deserving of praise is the long, long time that citizens, prospective citizens and business operators have been waiting for the new and improved Website.

      Always puzzling how some things happen so suddenly (seemingly at warp speed) while others are like watching paint dry.

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