More Saturday’s news items, part 2 [Architectural tour is in town; Marietta’s growing; School District a landlord? & more] – 9/28/2019

today's tour

First impression time | Today’s the day for big smiles and welcomes as there’ll be a host of visitors in town for the Columbia Architectural Tour.

Marietta’s growing | According to an article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, Marietta’s “Council approved plans for a development of 150 apartments and 22 townhouses on a 9-acre area of former industrial land at the west end of the borough.” The new development increase the borough’s housing stock “by more than 14%. It will also increase property tax revenues in the borough about $77,000.”

school briefs rental

School District to be a landlord | This LNP – Always Lancaster article (click to enlarge) reports the school district is entertaining inquiries from an undisclosed entity to rent lower level space at the district’s administrative offices.

AG says yes | “Pennsylvania’s top cop now supports legalizing marijuana” – WITF

WTH | “Lancaster County man accused of assaulting woman, urinating on her car during domestic incident”FOX43-TV




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