Wednesday’s news items [free press panel; last night’s meeting; gang fight] – 10/2/2019

ransparencyAbove, left to right, panelists Shane Fitzgerald, Francine Schertzer and Dr. Robert Spicer,  at the last night session in Mountville, The Importance of maintaining a free and reliable press.”


Summary | Fewer than 20 people attended the panel discussion; the included county Democratic persons and a likely less than 15 or so of citizens. Only one of the presenters, Dr. Spicer of Millersville University, was local. Fitzgerald, the executive editor for Gatehouse Media publications in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, said that local newspapers are important. Gatehouse Media is one of the surviving newspaper corporations accumulates newspapers in financial straits and slashes operating costs and staff. Just last month, “New Media Investment Group, which owns GateHouse, said in a statement it reached a deal to acquire Gannett, which owns more than 100 daily publications including USA Today.”

Other than Columbia news, views & reviews, no local media attended last night’s free event. The Democratic Committee chairperson said that Lancaster Newspapers was invited to participate in the panel; the organization declined, undoubtedly because the event was organized and presented by one political party.

PCN showing | According to Pennsylvania Cable Network’s (PCN) Shertzer, the panel discussion will be broadcast later this week on that network. Shertzer likened PCN as the state and local version of C-SPAN.

cola recording

Last night’s council meeting | Got back in time to tune in to the borough’s live streamed council work session. The video is archived at the borough’s facebook page. Actually two videos are now posted — the initial video and the abbreviated one with some of Shirley McBride’s and other citizen comments. The volume is spotty and extremely difficult to hear. But when McBride came on to tell everyone about the event that could be as a “gang fight.” in her neighborhood. The video cut out last night.

Where was it? | Where is / was the police report of the disturbance? Why were citizens not informed at the Police Department’s facebook page or Crimewatch page. A government’s primary function is the public safety of its citizens. Citizens deserve to know about street fights. IT IS A PUBLIC SAFETY ISSUE

Columbia needs | a Buford Pusser! Because “What’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter who you are.”

Hard to hear | The comments of the people around the horseshoe configured table must speak into the microphones and the audio system must be brought to ADA standards. As it stands today, The mayor and others who sit away from the microphones in front of them are difficult to hear. We continue to wonder whether the mumbled speaking and sitting away from the microphones — actions of some — are, in fact, deliberate?

Personal note | When we appeared at a Senate hearing in Washington, DC, the microphones were “mic checked” prior to the meeting. We were also instructed (and timed) to stay within the five-minute time frame. Based on another rambling testimony, last night’s by the representative from the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau* (note the asterisk), council should impose time limits on presenters as it does citizens during citizen comments.


  1. Our mayor always has the same old answer as to why the cameras never see what everyone else is seeing. Time to get new cameras and a new mayor.

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