More Thursday’s news items [Another Death Cafe; Yay, student newspapers; stolen valor; around the world items & more] 10/3/2019

Buckle up | “Trump Warns of Civil War if He’s Impeached and a Right-Wing Militia Cheers”GQ

Unfettered reporting | “Student journalists have made national headlines time and time again over the past year.” Teen Vogue

2019 DC Nov FINAL2

Wanna’ be’s | “Man at center of Stolen Valor case once impersonated dead cop” – Morning Call

“‘Why Is There Nothing Left?’ | Pension Funds Failing At Catholic Hospitals” – NPR

you talking to me

POTUS speak | “‘Are you talking to me?’ Trump’s anger at impeachment effort erupts”The Boston Globe

Why? | “Woman climbs over barrier at Bronx Zoo’s lion exhibit”The Los Angeles Times

Singapore is dictatorial in its own way | “‘Fake News’ Law Goes Into Effect In Singapore, Worrying Free Speech Advocates”NPR

When Is the Best Time to Get Your Flu Shot?” | “sometime in October is best” |  – The New York Times

“curfew and news blackout” | It’s what evil, despotic, dictatorial governments — that only exist to protect people and provide personal safety — do.The Washington Post

deep state

The ‘deep state’  | the DIC’s “go-to enemy, fights back”The Los Angeles Times

One comment

  1. Trump is yours and my President. They will never stop. But us Republicans will never stop loving America. Trump Rule . Democrats are sore losers.

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