Thursday’s news items [Columbia Police Department news and no news; school board candidates & more] – 10/3/2019

traffic circle

Traffic circle | Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch announcement: “Effective on Monday, October 7, 2019 there will be a new traffic pattern at the intersection of South 12th Street and Central Avenue.  A Traffic Circle will be installed as a traffic calming measure due to issues with speeding, vehicle accidents and pedestrian safety.  Yield signs will be placed near each corner and a 19′ X 8′ barrier will be placed in the center of the intersection.”

Also | Bridge closures announcedColumbia Police Department CrimeWatch

under the rug

But nothing posted  | about the reported “street fight” on Perry Street at the Department’s CrimeWatch pages. It’s another “sweep it under the rug” and pretend it didn’t happen moment.

Convicted | “A Columbia man was convicted this week in Lancaster County Court of threatening to stab his probation officer.”Lancaster County District Attorney’s office

7 albatwitch

Letter writer still waiting | Lancaster Online letter writer claims he sent a one-way letter to US Representative: “Although I requested a reply, to date I have not received one.”

Lancaster’s mayor speaks out | In a column in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, Danene Sorace, Lancaster’s mayor, writes, ” … one-third of the properties in the city are owned by churches, schools, government and nonprofits — and, as such, are exempt from real estate taxes,” as she makes a case for a restructured legislation. She also takes on the public utilities who “cut up the roads on their own schedule, leaving them scarred and patched for years — and not reimburse city taxpayers for repairs.”

voices of tomorrowFind out | what Columbia’s candidates for School Board of Directors represent.


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