Saturday’s news items, part 2 [scenes seen; car mortgages;County “complete Count”; & more] – 10/5/2019

Obituary | Hathaway T. Garner, Columbia residentLancaster Online

scenes seen 10-04

LEGAL NOTICE | This legal notice is in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster: Manor Township is holding a public hearing to “reviews the past performance of the cable operation Comcast and to identify the future cable-related community needs of the township.”

OPINION: “If We Want US Democracy Back | We Must Undo Attack on Middle Class Launched by Reagan. So long as the governments of America and other countries are captives of oligarchs and big corporations, and hang onto anti-worker, anti-middle-class neoliberal policies, citizens will continue to drift toward hard-right “populist” politicians.” – Common Dreams

thinking long-term? Seven year car loans!!! | “Auto loans are taking longer to pay off”MarketPlace

census 2020

Join in | “The Lancaster County Complete Count Committee would like to invite you to participate in our 2020 Census efforts. Please RSVP to if you are interested in participating in a subcommittee, or in becoming a Census Partner.”

Don’t marry me! | “Days before wedding, groom sexually assaulted bridesmaid at Shawnee Inn in Monroe County, police say” – The Morning Call



  1. The abrupt abandonment of painting on that building facade is indeed quite the eyesore… Was it halted due to codes? A derelict landlord?
    Ah, one can only imagine.

    From what I’ve been told, the Brewery encountered some minor complications, but was/is slated for a “soft opening” or full opening by the end of this year.
    There is definitely a lot of passion, “sweat equity” going into that project.
    (I think there is a Facebook account that is regularly updated…but, I don’t use Facebook, so I’m not certain.)

    Also, the sidewalk offerings/mementos/remnants is an interesting discussion…
    Whom is responsible for the cleanup?
    Those who laid the offerings/mementos?
    The grieving parent?
    Borough management?
    What if the Borough were to remove the shrine…?
    My, lord…
    Could you imagine the outrage?
    That “situation” is already rife with fractious emotions… ie Citizens vs. Borough.
    And, I will leave it at that…

  2. We were unable to find a facebook page or Website for Starview Brewery. If you can provide a link for either, we’ll post.

    We did find this facebook post:

  3. Rats; won’t allow the link. We’ll post a screen shot at the Columbia news, views & reviews facebook page.

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