Sunday’s news items [Pumpkins; here’s Lloyd; food serving inspections; fire statistics; & more] – 10/6/2019

Dependability! | You can find lists the weekly food inspections for Lancaster County’s food serving establishments at Lancaster Online‘s Website and you can find all the restaurants across the state at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Website. Beginning on January 1, 2020, Columbia’s food-serving establishments will be posted there too; The Borough recently began posting its own conducted surveys at the Borough Website at the end of each month.

In Columbia | September 2019- No inspections were performed this month.”

“IRS: Sorry, but | … it’s just easier and cheaper to audit the poor”ProPublica

Which came first? | Depression or mobile device dependency: “Young people hooked on their smartphones may have an increased risk for depression and loneliness.”Futurity


Pumpkins & squash | Here’s how best to harvest them in order to process and preserve them for eating.Penn State Extension

“Your lawn—should you tend it or trade it? | This article suggests various plants that might take the place of lawn along with their characteristics and benefits.”Penn State Extension

firefighter deaths

“U.S. Fire Administration’s annual report on firefighter fatalities in the United States is now available for 2018The 2018 report identifies all on-duty fatalities to increase understanding of their causes and how they can be prevented.” – USFA

Another trusted employee | “A Dover woman and former Penn State University administrative support assistant faces charges after she allegedly used a university purchasing card to make personal purchases totaling nearly $10,000.” – Read this extremely detailed report at the Middletown Press & Journal.

Lloyd speaks | “Congressman Smucker (PA-11) Co-sponsors amendment with Rep. Jayapal to improve the Older Americans Act. ‘I hope this is a first step towards a future in which no senior has to worry whether they have a place to sleep at night.’”

Where’s Lloyd? | Here, his Website says.

Obligatory statements | “I enjoy hearing from you and responding to your questions via email, phone calls and letters. If you’d like to share your concerns or opinions with me, or if you have questions about legislation or specific votes, you can send me an email.  Since taking office more than two years ago, I’ve responded to more than 180,000 contacts from you. To stay up-to-date on my work in the district and Washington, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. You can also check out my YouTube page where there are 100+ videos, many of which are direct responses to your questions. I’m also very proud of the help my office has been able to provide constituents. More than 4,400 individuals and families have been helped, and more than $3,525,165 has been returned to constituents.  If you need help with a federal agency, my office can help cut through Washington’s red tape and bureaucracy. I encourage you to contact my district office at (717) 393-0667 and at (717) 969-6133 if you need assistance.”

Kill ’em all | “Civilian Deaths in U.S. Wars Are Skyrocketing”The Intercept

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