E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D “opportunity zones” in Columbia


In December 2018, Columbia’s council passed ordinance 908.

koz 2.jpg

And while the properties were not named in the ordinance, the properties are supposed to be identified in Exhibit “A” —  that attachment is not included with the ordinance. Exhibit B is not included either.

koz exhibit b

Here, though are the properties listed at the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s Keystone Opportunity Zone Webpage:

Parcel 1101811500000 – 430 Walnut Street

Parcel 110243200000012 North Second Street

Parcel 110666510000025 North Third

Parcel 1106990100000 – 316 Walnut Street

Parcel 1107769300000 – 307 Locust Street

Parcel 1107970500000 – 309 Locust Street

Parcel 1108202500000 – 315 Locust Street

Parcel 1103146700000 – 400 Locust Street

Rebecca Denlinger, the borough manager, commented in an email: “Subsequent to their approval of those parcels, in May 2019 the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) rescinded the KOEZ designation to 423 Avenue H.  This particular parcel was not eligible to be designated as defined in the KOZ statute. This information was shared with Borough Council at that time and explained again at Borough Council’s recent Budget meeting.”


One comment

  1. So we have 2 empty lots on that list. Have any improvements to those parcels happened this year? If development has not happened, the designation needs revoked.

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