Sunday’s news items, part 2 [CRIZ revolving loans; property transfers & more] – 10/27/2019

Revolving loans for all | An article at Lancaster Online states that Lancaster got “the go-ahead from the state to launch a loan program designed to make it easier and more beneficial for small ‘mom-and-pop’ businesses to access City Revitalization & Improvement Zone (C.R.I.Z.) funding.” To be eligible for the state’s C.R.I.Z. program, a municipality must be a city with at least 30,000 population.

Obituary | Fred J. Howard, Jr, Columbia – Lancaster Online

End of the trail | It’s sad to read the article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster that Radel & Stauffer is closing its doors in downtown Lancaster. Owners, Jim Radel & Darrel Stauffer, have operated this business its opening on Water Street since 1982. They moved the sop to North Queen Street in 2011.

Developing Columbia | Awakened Properties, LLC has purchased 154 South Fourth Street from Summit Street Properties for $65,000. This is most likely not simply a shift of out of town landlords; the Lancaster company’s Website claims, “Awakened Properties is a Lancaster based company that buys the worst of properties and turns them into the most attractive in the neighborhood.”

Columbia property

Here’s one of the “most attractive houses in the neighborhood” shown at Awakened Properties, LLC’s Website.

In other real estate sales | ILL Holdings, Inc. purchased a property at 338 North Third Street for $60,000. Valley View Capital owns 21 properties in Columbia; this becomes ILL Holdings, Inc.’s first, though it is the owner of two Lancaster City properties.

For sale | Another property on South Fourth StreetCraigslist

319 Chestnut Street | A property for sale or rent. Buy it for $199,900 or rent it for $1,495 a month.Craigslist

Sneaky church doings | “PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro calls Allentown Diocese property transfers ‘deeply concerning’”The Morning Call

super white — teeth & ideology | Remember the guy (Louis James Barletta, an American politician and businessman who served as the U.S. Representative for PA’s 11 from 2011 to 2019. A member of the Republican Party, he previously served as Mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania from 1999 to 2010.) when he was mayor of Hazleton? He wanted to drive Hispanics from the town; he wanted to make Hazleton “one of the toughest places in the United States for illegal aliens.” Thing is, the folks who were there were not illegal aliens. This Boston Globe article “‘We can give the whole nation a lesson if they want.’ How Latinos revived a once-dying Pennsylvania city.” negates the whiteness Barletta spread.

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