Friday’s news items [trick or treat night, be careful; generational stuff; lagging PA & more] – 11/1/2019

Seeking | “The Lancaster County Board of Elections is seeking two judges of elections for Lancaster city’s 8th Ward for Tuesday’s election. Anyone interested should contact the Board of Elections at 717-299-8293.” This is a paid position. – SOURCE: LNP: Always Lancaster

Interesting to note | Manheim Township will hold a public meeting regarding its Cable TV franchise renewal. SOURCE: Legal Notice in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster

trick or treat

Trick or treat | Tonight’s the make-up night for trick or treat in Columbia. Be extremely careful while driving. Be on the lookout for costumed trick or treaters. Happened to notice generational “told you so-ism” on a local facebook group as one older person opined that in his day, kids only went trick or treating in their own neighborhoods.

It just ain’t true! | This generational “we were better than you” crapola was reflected this comment: “People born in the last 20 years have a whole new set of, or lack of moral values than we did back then.”

tot nightre-posted from the borough facebook page

02 sweets

And there’s still a long way to go | “Wolf signs voting reforms, election security, into law” WITF

But PA still lags | Pennsylvania remains a straight party state: “A total of nine states allow or offer straight-ticket voting (STV). With a few exceptions, the straight-ticket option is available in all general elections, and applies to all partisan offices on the ticket, including federal, state and local races.” The state is joined by other “progressive” states (NOT) like Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Utah. Even in Texas, the Texas legislature eliminated STV in May 2017, but the law does not go into effect until 2020.

Yep, you’re never too old | “During argument over guns, 88-year-old man shoots, kills girlfriend in Monroe County, police say”The Morning Call

“Segregation in Pennsylvania schools | How a ZIP code determines the quality of a child’s education”The Morning Call


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