Tuesday’s news items [is it fitting?; let’s make everything not-for-profit; produce recalls; borough meetings this week & more] – 11/5/2019

eye of the beholder: is it fitting? | “Questions of trust, of process, of jurisdiction and of the distinction, if any, between art and architecture all played into a lengthy debate at City Council’s meeting Monday regarding the public art proposed for the garage facade overlooking Ewell Plaza.” – Lancaster Online [Curiously, the meeting, which was supposed to be live-streamed, is not posted at the City’s Youtube channel.]

More at the city Webpage | “Public Art proposed for the new Lancaster Parking Authority Building & Public Library at Ewell Plaza”

H.A.R.B. vs. City | Seems the city’s selling this hard and its councillors will have to vote for the project and against the H.A.R.B. decision.

skin a catEnglish Language & Usage

cat skinning | So another once proud large newspaper in financial distress seeks “… to become a nonprofit ‘community asset.’”The Salt Lake City Tribune

voluntary recall | “Potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes”Food and Drug Adminsitration

borough meetings


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