Thursday’s news items, part 2 [early birds; showing up matters; when meeting clash & more] – 11/7/2019

the early bird gets the worm | Tomorrow morning, be one of the first 200 in the line outside the new Giant grocery store in West Hempfield Township at the old Musser’s store for giveaways. Below is a portion of the ad in today’s LNP – Always Lancster. You may also have received a mailer with special coupons.

giant opening


Change happens | … when people get out and vote. The best way to change the status quo was demonstrated on Tuesday across the county when people actually show up on election day.

“And in Scranton, Pennsylvania — Joe Biden’s birthplacePaige Cognetti, an insurgent who refused to run as a Democrat, saying she didn’t trust the corrupt local party (a wise move in Scranton), beat the Democrat in the mayoral race. She also wins the title of best campaign slogan: “Paige Against the Machine.” In a special election in a district carried by Trump in Missouri in 2016, Democrat Trish Gunby carried the seat.

possession charge | “marijuana, numerous marijuana seeds, growing and packaging materials, and a digital scale.”Columbia Police Department CrimeWatch

to die for

For those who cannot be in two places at the same time | Tonight’s School Board Committee of the Whole meeting clashes with the borough council meeting and compels folks to make a choice: one or the other. Borough meetings are live streamed and archived; this is something the school district ought to consider on it’s more important things to do. Meanwhile, the agenda for tonight’s meeting is posted and is here:


  1. The school Board agenda are so vague I don’t know how anyone could have something to say during the comment period for agenda items. I am hopeful some new blood on the school board will encourage more transparency. I know that was in Robert”s platform so let’s hope he can deliver it will be up to the other elected members to decide if they want to listen to the voters or not. They said they did but…..

  2. To be more informative, readers can click here ( to go to the School District’s agenda page. Once there, some of the agenda items have clickable .pdf attachments that provide more detail.

    We elected to copy and paste for reader convenience; some readers have commented that they don’t have a .pdf reader app on their computers or devices.

    We apologize for not directing readers to the site.

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