Sunday’s news items, part 2 [wider angle news; compromised voter secrecy; porcupette; 100 years old & more] – 11/10/2019

Buying your way out of the box | California’s fires have been blamed on its largest utility provider, investor owned Pacific Gas & Electric. While it decided to declare bankruptcy in January, that did not prevent the utility giant from continuing to spend big on political influence in California’s Statehouse. Shameful because so many lost so much as a result of the fires. – The Intercept

Raise taxes | to keep police forceWFMZ-TV69

Secret ballots? Nope. | Just as there were concerns about secret ballots in last Tuesday’s election in Columbia; the same concerns are other places, too. Voters are the ones who are supposed to place their ballots into the scanners; not poll workers. “‘I didn’t have a private ballot,’ said Fountain Hill Mayor Carolee Gifford, who complained that an election worker appeared to scrutinize her choices before scanning her ballot. ‘There wasn’t even the premise of privacy.’”

am leg 100th

“created in 1919 to support veterans returning from combat and their families” | The American Legion celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Mutual aid? | What’s that: “California’s system of mutual aid is under stress, with fire chiefs sometimes reluctant to assist their counterparts or unaware help is needed because of outdated communications.” – The Los Angeles Times


A-h-h-h | Look at the cute little porcupetteThe Washington Post

Rock & Roll and jeans | That’s what brought down the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union. – The Los Angeles Times

Joint master | “You Can Get A Master’s In Medical Cannabis In Maryland”NPR

Kill | that baby TrumpThe Guardian

Bask with the base | Sweet home AlabamaThe Guardian




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