Saturday’s news items – 11/16/2019

good news

For those who drive to and from Reading | “PennDOT Reopens Northbound U.S. 222 to Two Lanes near Ephrata, Lancaster County”

 Here’s something for old dogs | Nominate your dog for the “Dog Aging Project” 

What’s old is new again | “The police experiment that changed what we know about foot patrol”WITF

pancakes w santa

SOURCE: Columbia borough facebook page

letter to the editor

By any measure of what is right, Speed Trap Bill SB 607, arming municipal police with RADAR guns, should be voted down.

RADAR is unreliable, RADAR can’t distinguish one vehicle from another, and is easily misused and often abused for revenue purposes. RADAR encourages policing for profit.

Despite 30 years of technological innovations, RADAR still suffers from the same reliability and performance issues that have made it unacceptable as evidence in a court of law. RADAR cannot meet the requirements of the Daubert test, the set of standards trial judges use to determine whether or not expert testimony is based on valid scientific reasoning and methodology.

Remember the RADARgate incident from years past when erroneous tickets went out routinely?

Traffic laws need to be fairly written and reasonably enforced.

RADAR cheerleaders can use all the flowery language they want, saying that RADAR isn’t for the money and we will be protected from abuse, but it is well established in Pennsylvania that Speed Trap Bill SB 607 is for the express purpose to keep a stream of safe drivers’ cash flowing into government. Urban legend, emotion and good intentions seem to have become the principal determinants of government policy, rather than years of data produced by engineers and organizations who have no financial interest in predatory speed enforcement.

Tell your Representative to vote NO on Speed Trap Bill SB 607. Thank you.

Sincerely, Tom McCarey, Member, National Motorists Association



  1. To prove that radar is for the money only, I say do these and see who wants radar. Nobody will:

    1.Post 85th percentile speed limits.

    2.Only ticket people well over the limits.

    3.Make tickets only points, no money at all.

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