Long read Saturday items – 11/16/2019


How old is too old? | “The President’s Cognitive Decline As age factors more urgently in politics, a simple test could evaluate who remains fit for office. – If the country were to deem, say, the Social Security retirement age of 66 as the mandatory cutoff for a career in politics, it would amount to a total overhaul of government. It would eliminate not just the top four presidential candidates, but much of Congress.” – The Atlantic


Long read | “Whether the American political system today can endure without fracturing further may depend on the choices of the center-right.” – “How America End: A tectonic demographic shift is under way. Can the country hold together?”The Atlantic

“If not us, then who?” | There’s always room for civil discourse.

“Neobanks | where the neo stands for ‘you’re broke’” “The hot mess is very real. Seventy-eight percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Student loan obligations in this country total $1.5 trillion, and researchers believe they’re cutting into Millennials’ ability to buy homes, have kids, and save for retirement. More than 40% of households have some credit card debt: the average liability is over $5,000; and the poorer you are, the more you’re likely to have.” – MarketPlace

methodist church

On being Methodist | “Two Signposts, Opposite Directions” – The Bitter Southerner

fuzzy facts

fussy FOX facts | “The network that helped put Donald Trump into power is now showing how insistently it will work to keep him there.”The Atlantic



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