Tuesday’s (o-o-p-s, make that Wednesday’s) news items [condemnations; school board meeting agenda; WHY?; Library events & more] – 11/20/2019

It’s automated | So when folks are “excited by the possibility of additional jobs” they’re missing the mark. More taxes, yes … but significant number of more jobs, not likely as for this “12-story refrigeration tower in West Hempfield would be third-tallest building in Lancaster County” 

Why? | Appears this property owner has the same unanswered question we voiced on Sunday. This photo is used with permission from a Columbia Spy article.

Public meeting, December 16 | There are several questions about this public meeting posted at a local facebook group; property owners and citizens may want to read all the documents posted at this Webpage at the Borough’s Website. There’s a lot of linked information listed there, and most of the “FIVE W” questions are answered. The only unanswered one is the Why: Why is this zoning amendment being proposed?

Nestled in the verbiage | of the proposed zoning amendment is a paragraph concerning rooftop solar installations.

Easier this year at the EXTRAOrdinary GIVE! | New this year, that minimum has been lowered to $10! We know how important it is to attract new donors to your cause- and you’ve told us that it’s one of the most difficult tasks you face. Lowering the minimum amount helps expose your cause to new donors who may want to start a relationship with your organization but did not feel they could meet the $25 minimum. We also know that at the $10 level, it opens the joy of giving to many more types of donors, including younger donors and those who are unable to give at higher donation levels.”

LEGAL NOTICES | Condemnations in Columbia: 216 Perry Street121-123 North Fifth Street – Lancaster Online

sb meeting agenda

Thursday evening | School Board of Directors’ meeting agenda is posted at the School District’s Website. Also posted there are .pdf attachments relative to several of the agenda items.

Family Fun Night 11.20.19

Storycatchers 11.20.19



  1. I asked “why” last night at the Planning Commission meeting. Columbia Spy will be posting an article about that Q&A.

    • We just popped in on that meeting and were glad we did. Very good questions posed about several topics including the rezoning and proposed hotel. Some questions came from a member of the Planning Commission.

  2. Why does the school board agenda have 2 places for public comments for agenda items only? Granted, the second says agenda and education items only, but it would lead people to believe they can’t address the school board unless the topic the want to discuss is on the agenda.

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