Yesterday’s EXTRA Ordinary GIVE is another WOW! event.


Bottom line | Astounding numbers: $10,550,28Raised • 28,74Donors • 52Organizations (Though, we are puzzled about the number of participating organizations — when we began racking yesterday morning there were 521 organizations, at the end there were 522.)

The gross numbers are in and after all the hype; the hoopla and the parties the EXTRA ORDINARY GIVE was yet another proud moment for Lancaster County. 1,748 donors supported Water Street Mission with  $462,598.84; while 3,155 supporters contributed to  Children Deserve A Chance Foundation – Attollo.

As yesterday’s giving approached the last two hours before midnight, the flurry of activity crescendoed and overwhelmed the website and there were periods during which some people would not get on the site to donate. See Lory’s comment here.

The downed website, no doubt was caused by this year’s smart decision to accept 10 contributions, though the base calculation of the gross tallies shows an average donation of $367.03 per donor. Do the math calculations yourself to see the evidence, and leanings, of some of the larger donations.

Pet Pantry of Lancaster County, Inc. is an example of an organization with a lower contribution per contributor … but it has lots of contributors.

Columbia Animal Shelter has 140 donors.

So what’s the “golden ticket” | The Golden Ticket specials add additional earning possibilities for the registered not-for-profits. There are those (including us) who scatter our contributions during the 24 hour period hoping to capture a Golden Ticket bonus for the agencies we support.

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