Saturday’s news items [remember that day?; newspapers are important until they’re eviscerated] – 11/23/2019

“Local news is important. Local newspapers are important, regardless of whether or not you’ve read a word on a dead tree in the past year.”

city hall 2

“Damaged newspapers, damaged civic life | How the gutting of local newsrooms has led to a less-informed public”Nieman Lab


Then, November 22, 1963 | Newspapers told the stories of the time, then.

Look to York and Lebanon to see | gutted newspapersBoston Business Journal

Letter to the editor in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster | “Friday event will plan for 2020”

Disparity, control and lies | “What unites the global protesters”MarketPlace

Facts be damned | The awful truth about impeachmentThe New Yorker


“Galaxy brain | The neuroscience of how fake news grabs our attention, produces false memories, and appeals to our emotions”Nieman Lab




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