Friday’s news items [meeting notices; school board reorganization meeting minutes; emergency notifications & more] – 11/29/2019

Though the featured business isn’t … | “Small businesses have big impact in Lancaster County” Lancaster Online

legal notice

Actually two legal notices | are posted at Lancaster Online & published in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster :

Board of Directors’ Reorganization Meeting | There’s no agenda posted for the Columbia Borough School District’s Board of Directors’ Reorganization Meeting that’s supposed to take place on “the first Monday of December following their election.” To see what happened at previous years’ meetings see the posted minutes. Though“archived Agendas” is a tab at the District’s Website; there’s nothing shown.

Santa Claus 11.30.19

Census Job Fair 12.2.19



News citizen alert system coming | At the recent borough council meeting, Rebecca Denlinger, borough manager, announced the borough will be collaborating with the School District to engage a citizen emergency communication platform alert citizens to emergency situations. Citizens may recall, in the past the borough did use an email alert messaging system; the borough Website and facebook — this new system will be a proactive notification system.

In Port Neches, Texas | 54,000 citizens were notified to evacuate following Wednesday’s explosions at a chemical plant. Jefferson County’s, Texas, citizens are prompted to register for Mass Notification.

In Lancaster County | Citizens can sign up for notification via “Alert Center, which allows you to view all alerts and emergencies in your area.” Citizens in Lancaster County can also register to receive emergency alerts via the South Central Alert service: “This service will allow residents and businesses in the eight county area to be notified of an emergency situation and important alert messages in a variety of ways, including on their cell phones, home and work phones, by text messaging and e-mail.”

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