Saturday’s news items [renters; investments; basketball; beautiful news; ugly website & more] – 12/7/2019

Oh, no, more Renters! | “Site work for Lancaster city’s biggest privately developed apartment building in decades could start next month.”Lancaster Online

beautiful news

Beautiful News | a site that only publishes data visualizations of good news.

Semantics: words and effort matter | This news comes from an LNP – Always Lancaster municipal brief about the Garden Spot Fire Rescue‘s fund raising efforts. “Daryl Groff, development director, reported on fundraising efforts for the fire company. His 200 visits to businesses during one year on the job resulted in $65,800 of investments plus an additional three-year commitment of $197,400. He said ‘investment’ replaces the word donation because businesses and citizens are financially investing in their community fire company.” [NOTE: While this article says the department’s changed the word to investment, the department’s Website still says “donations.”]

Slow start basketball season | as the Crimson tide Boys and Girls basketball teams came up empty last night. In a trip across The River, Eastern topped the Boys team, 65-59. Meanwhile, Big Spring handed the Girls team a 54-35 loss. The schedule for the season for the Boys team is here and the Girls team is here.

ultimate compression

The ultimate compression / contraction | “This is how the 5 biggest newspaper chains could become 2 — and it all comes down to one day, June 30, 2020”Nieman Lab

Heed this if you’re headed to Ephrata area | “Routes 322/222 Interchange Improvement Project in Ephrata and West Earl Townships in Lancaster County Set to Begin”PennDOT news release

It’s back for the second year | The Ugly Website Makeover Contest is back!” 

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