Screwed? How about you?

Cautionary Opinion


Recently, we’ve heard reports that more than a few people in town have found their tires flattened. More than a few of them have been punctured by screws or other sharpened items.

More than a few of them were punctured in the area where the tread meets the sidewall. In too many cases, that kind of puncture necessitates a new tire. One garage operator told us the garage did experience a higher number of sharp object tire punctures this year.

screwed 2

One of the screws in one of the tires looked like these.

We’re publishing this opinion piece as a public service.

If you experienced a flat tire as the result of a puncture from a screw, nail or other sharp object recently please try to get a picture of the reason for the puncture. Share your experience at this facebook page and elsewhere. Perhaps, coincidental happenstance or it could something else. Anecdotal recording may be helpful in tracking down the cause of the flat tires.


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