Thursday’s news items [in bed with the law; special meeting; compensation ranges; taxes & more] – 12/12/2019

in bed with the law | “Kinky judge, 38, ‘had threesomes in her chambers and pressured attorneys into group sex’”The Sun, (The UK’s answer to The National Enquirer)


Borough is commended | This “updated zoning ordinance” gathers the consent of a “senior community planner” with the Lancaster County Planning Commission. This new document is now posted at the Borough Website and the planner applauds the borough for “its thoughtful discussion and recommendations.”


Compensation ranges | Typically companies wrestle with bottom of scale to top of scale pay compensation; a range may be some 25% (Federal Wage Grade for the Harrisburg-Lebanon Area) to somewhere in the 50% range for private companies. The agreement for the Columbia Borough Police Officer’s Association shows a range of nearly 75% in a shorter than normal time frame. Click here to download the file as a .pdf or look at the borough’s Website to download it; it is part of the 12-10-2019-borough-council-meeting-agenda-and-packet

Since Columbia’s Market House is in the news again | “a snapshot of Columbia in 1983 with a description of the Market House”Columbia news, views & reviews

And that’s it, Period. End of Story. | Lancaster government stands firm about the decision to override it’s Historic Architectural Review Board. – Lancaster Online

Maybe money doesn’t talk everywhere | There’s a companion article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster about a parallel case in Boulder. Colorado … except, there — in 2014 the residents spoke so loudly that Boulder’s City government recanted on a similar art proposal. There and then, the city acknowledged, it “did not seek enough public feedback before selecting the work.”

How bad is it when | in 39 states … the highest paid public employee is a football or basketball coach.” We agree with the editorial in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster that takes issue with this abuse of public spending. This is particularly onerous in Pennsylvania when Penn State’s always crying “poor mouth” and pays a football coach $5 million plus a year.

New tax in the township | West Hempfield is planning on introducing a “non-resident” earned income tax in 2020. If you don’t live in the Township but work there, you’ll be subject to a 1% income tax; the Township expects this will add $15,000 a year to it’s revenue stream. Is this something Columbia ought to consider? Other municipalities do.

municipality taxes


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