Tuesday’s news items [area obituaries; local news praised; comparing boroughs; mean tweets & more] – 12/24/2019

Obituaries of local interest Doris L. “Pepper” Wertz — Gordon “Dick” Jones — Jacob L. Flowers

praise for lnpWrightsville letter-to-the-editor writer recognizes the importance of local news. – SOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster

the decline of local news | “Our community does not know itself.”The New York Times — This article contains reader comments from towns without newspapers; comments like this one:

“Our local newspapers, The Republican and the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Massachusetts, haven’t shut down yet but they might as well have closed. Their staffs have been so dramatically reduced that there is little oversight of local government and local businesses. The checks and balances afforded by this don’t exist, and it is only a matter of time before the potentially corrupt realize they will be able to get away with corruption more easily.”

finalCredit … Tim Gruber for The New York Times”

misleading messages | “Don’t trust marijuana health claims on social media, it’s probably a bot”The Morning Call

comparing boroughs

Comparing boroughs | One’s slightly larger in population with a higher percentage of non-owner occupied housing but has fewer households.

“‘It only took one pill’ | How addiction starts”The Washington Post

This is not a great story about America | “Army officer returns home to San Diego to say goodbye to mother before her deportation” The Los Angeles Times

“Pa.’s Safe Schools Report | There is no one policing this information”WITF

Festivus: too funny! | PA’s executives’ read “mean tweets.”

What are? | The dirtiest things you touch?The Morning Call


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