Monday’s news items – 12/23/2019

columbia food boxes

Photo Album | Columbia Christmas Food Boxes posted photos from Sunday’s event at its facebook page. “Columbia Lions Club, Sunsnappers and community volunteers/donors provide Christmas Food Boxes to families in Columbia PA and surrounding areas.”

hemp letdown


Where’s the demand? | LNP – Always Lancaster‘s lead story today is about the hemp crop’s failure to deliver anywhere close to the price that hemp growers hoped. Maybe the wild promises of yesterday were based on unrealistic expectations?

To what end? | One of the “REGULARS” has another of his letters-to-the-editor printed in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster. Laced with tilted commentary, it mirrors the others, as usual.

Taxing non-profits | “Allentown isn’t giving up on its quest to extract tax revenue from nonprofits it believes are conducting business activities in the city.” – The Morning Call 

“This Former Firefighter Has a Criminal Past. | Now, He’s on the Board That Advises the State on Its EMS System.” The Boston Globe

OPINION | Make Laws, Not Money: Members of Congress should not be allowed to buy and sell stocks, or to serve on corporate boards.”The New York Times



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