Saturday’s news items [barriers; New Year’s at the Watch and Clock Museum; & more] – 12/28/2019


Mind boggling inconsistency | Wonder why there are two different approaches to pedestrian safety on the same street just blocks apart? In the 100 block safety barriers protect pedestrians from vehicular traffic by providing a chute between the chain link fencing of the construction / demolition project; in the 400 block safety barriers provide protection for the fencing. Albeit, there is innocuous signage on the fencing directing pedestrians to cross at the crosswalk. It makes no sense.

12 straight | PA’s Turnpike Commission has jacked the tolls to use the turnpike for 12 years in a row.PA Home Page

You have to be 21 | to buy cigarettes … everywhere in the US … starting in July 2020WTAE-TV

If you’re poor | “Jailed for weeks or months with no hearing, no bail and no hope? It’s routine for people on probation.”The Inquirer

others peoples’ money: church slime | “Ousted cardinal McCarrick gave more than $600,000 to fellow clerics, including two popes, records show”The Washington Post

New Year's at Noon 12.31.19


“Hass Avocados in December? | Hass Avocados from Mexico are tasting great in December. The Produce Geek, Jon Steffy, gives some Avocado Tips and How-to.

Kinda’ like Robbin’ Hood! | OPINION: “Why are we squeezing the poor and disabled while giving tax cuts for the rich?”The Morning Call

Patriots’ plane will carry Midshipmen | Yep, probably because of New England Partiot’s coach, Navy will travel to its Liberty Bowl game on the Patriots’ private plane. –


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