Friday’s news, part 2 [shared services?; tough decisions; warriors know; public school wrecker & more] – 12/27/2019

crazy idea

Here’s a crazy idea! | “More New Jersey towns are trying to ease the pain of ‘crippling’ property taxes by sharing services”The Inquirer

Get real! | “Unless you live in a historic district or a community with a homeowners association, you don’t get to dictate how other residents decorate their property.” – But in this hoity-toity neighborhood, “taste vigilantes” tried to do exactly that.The Inquirer

Agonizing, painful decisions | When private enterprise faces extreme business climate and situations; tough personnel decisions are called for. Here’s what one area newspaper publisher is doing.The Middletown Press & Journal

The price of abuse | “Pennsylvania dioceses offer $84M to 564 clergy abuse victims”WITF

Warriors know | what POTUS doesn’thonor is everything.The New York Times


Scary persona | “Betsy DeVos: the billionaire Republican destroying public education”The Guardian


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