Today’s news items [Ugly Website winner is; Dunkin’ opens; food serving reports; property ownership changes & more] 12/27/2019

ugly website graphic

Who won the “Ugly Website?” | Sparrow Websites announces the winning entry with a facebook video. [Or you can read the news release below.}

Week old news | “Dunkin’ opens new restaurant near Mountville”Lancaster Online

new dunkin

Sheriff Sales | Wednesday, January 29, 2020 listings

New property owners | 235-237 Locust Street The property ID number shows this.

col fd food inspectionsThis Week’s Local Food Safety Inspection Reports | PA Department of Agriculture Website

News release | Ugly Website Winner is 

MT BETHEL CEMETERY WINS WEBSITES GIVEAWAY CONTEST Columbia, Pa. – Sparrow Websites announced Mount Bethel Cemetery, of Columbia, as the winner of their annual #UglyWebsiteMakeover content, valued at $6,500. Mount Bethel Cemetery will receive a Website Makeover.

The website winner was announced during a Facebook Live on Sparrow’s Facebook page Monday, December 23, at 4 pm., which is available to watch at In addition to the grand prize winner, Sparrow also announced it would be giving away a free Launch Kit to Increase Youth Ministries of Lampeter, a value of $500.

Sparrow’s new Launch Kit service is a product for startups, nonprofits, and small businesses that don’t have a website that provides them with a mobile-friendly website, a Google Profile, a FREE domain and a review building platform in just five days, for only $500. For more information on the Launch Kit service, you can visit

To watch the website winner announcements and read all of the details on the giveaway, visit For any questions on Sparrow’s Launch Kits or the annual giveaway, contact them at or call the office at 717-537-1311.

One way: file a complaint | Another way: a smear tactic with an accusatory post on a social media site. So there’s a June 2019 re-post about an alleged “maggots coming out of my chicken on a stick” at a local facebook group. The poster could have filed a Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Food Safety Complaint Form. “Consumers can file complaints against food facilities regarding packaged or unpackaged foods and for a myriad of reasons. If your complaint is regarding food consumed or purchased at a retail food facility, such as a restaurant, food truck, caterer, food store, or convenience store, that complaint may be investigated by the PA Department of Agriculture (PDA).”

Any complainant identifying information remains confidential and is not shared with facilities. Consumer information allows Inspectors to follow up should additional information be required in regards to the complaint.”

Incidentally, the food serving establishment’s regular annual food serving inspection accomplished by a state food inspector filed this violations report following the July 17, 2019 inspection.

new yang inspection




  1. Yang’s was cited in the inspection for using TOO HIGH a concentration of chlorine for sanitizing.. LOL.. So, if the regulation says to use 100ppm concentration and someone uses 400ppm that is a violation.. Geez..
    Tell you what.. I’d be happy to know that everyone uses 400ppm concentration

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