Monday’s news items [tonight’s council meeting agenda & more] – 1/6/2019

01-2020 agenda

First meeting of 2020 | Tonight’s borough council meeting is the first of the decade;  click here to download the meeting packet.

2020 meetings | are posted at the Borough Website.

Which is it? | Will the Councillor elected as Council President at tonight’s meeting appoint a “a President Pro Tempore” and who will the councillors elect as President Pro Tem? Both are shown in the Borough’s ordinances; typically “pro tem” is a diminutive form of “pro tempore.”

In the gaggle in DC | “The phrase ‘pro tempore’ literally means ‘for the time being’ in Latin. This is mostly an honorary position and is often given to the majority senator who’s held office the longest.” –

that clock

The what? | Attendant of Municipal Building Clock, yep that’s a title defined in the borough code. “The Attendant of the Municipal Building Clock shall be under and subject to the control and direction of the Borough Manager and the Borough Council. The Attendant of the Municipal Clock shall possess the qualifications of a clock repairman, shall keep the clock in the tower of the Municipal Building accurate and shall wind the same whenever necessary.” Who is the Attendant of the Municipal Building Clock?§ 5-15 Duties and direction of officials and employees.

Armed with a knife | At that Turkey Hill C-store (the one on Chestnut Street), “The male did have a knife and struck the clerk, knocking her to the floor.”  But “the same suspect was involved in a robbery of the Turkey Hill at Prospect Rd. and Rt. 462 at approx. 0336 hrs. in West Hempfield Twp.” – Columbia Police Department Crime Watch

Real patriot | Truth seekers and truth speakers are the real patriots. “Deceased GOP Strategist’s Daughter Makes Files Public That Republicans Wanted Sealed” NPR

Adult Book Club - the Gown - 1.7.20

letter to the editor

To Pennsylvania Drivers:

What will the Legislature do this year to justify arming municipal police with RADAR guns, Speed Trap Bill SB 607? They are expert at cherry-picking statistics to say that there is a “speeding” crisis. There is no crisis, as you well know.

Speed limits are posted below the safest speeds that you drive every day in order to catch you “speeding” and give you a ticket. Safety has nothing to do with the predatory enforcement of unsafe speed limits. It’s all about the money. Your money.

The super majority of drivers want to get from point A to point B as safely and efficiently as possible. They do that by driving the 85th Percentile Speed, the safest speed. But, 90% of the limits in Pennsylvania are 8 to 16 MPH below the safest speeds. Like I said, to make it easy to write tickets. Tickets that cost North of $170.00. And the RADAR lobby says it’s not for the money. Yeah, right.

Drivers, rise up and demand that the Legislature abandon their enforcement-for-profit racket. We know it’s not about safety, but about raising tens of millions of dollars: we all have to drive, and they think we are four wheel ATMs for them to tap.

Isn’t the extortionate gas tax enough money for them? A reliable flood of money into Harrisburg is the goal of Speed Trap Bill SB 607. Let’s put the brakes on that.

Tom McCarey, Member, National Motorists Association



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