Wednesday’s news items [obituaries; weather & more] – 1/8/2020

local obituaries | Theodore “Ted” Johnson • Cami Jo Combs Callie Jo Flowers

Gofundme plea | “Just so every body knows cami and Callie. Gofundme is still going on just have to sign it over to funeral director so plz keep Donating For them. Plz we need 10,000” – Gofundme page for fire victims

Last night’s council meeting was live streamed and is archived here:


Snow, today | 62º on Saturday

WEATHER ANNOUNCEMENT | Wednesday, January 8, 2014 (sic) Columbia Borough School District is on a 2 Hour Delay

“Kids who have less, need more” | The fight over school funding The Hechinger Report

Thankless role | One Lebanon County borough can’t find someone to be a councillor.The Lebanon Daily News

Babies | are really expensiveFuturity





  1. The discrepancy between the number of smoke detectors present in an April inspection (7) and the post fire investigation (1) of the 2nd street house that burned is quite troubling. It must be investigated and explained.

    • Sadly, pictures are the only proof that many of us will accept at this point. Given today’s technology, this is not asking for anything unreasonable or superhuman. The responsibility lies both with the mayor and, more so, with the borough manager. I would assume, and hope, there are state level inspectors that will also become involved.

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