Monday’s news items [Land bank; warbucks; local radar letter & more] – 1/20/2020

“Martin Luther King Jr. Day | What’s open and what’s closed”FOX43-TV

land bank

There may be good reason to rename the Lancaster County Land Bank Authority the Columbia Land Bank Authority. Virtually all the properties it handles are Columbia properties. Hey, wait a sec! Isn’t that what the essence of the Columbia Economic Development Corporation? Columbia Borough has the prerogative to establish authorities to do exactly this: Municipal Authorities in Pennsylvania.

super bowl

Super Bowl bound | Two exciting football teams to watch are headed to Miami. For the Chiefs, Andy Reid has guided them as he did the Eagles once before. In KC Reid is beloved, witness this gif from one of the comments at the Kansas City Star’s facebook page.

COLUMN: Andy Reid is a great coach | “… whether he gets his Super Bowl win or not, and every Eagles fan should give him his due.”The Inquirer

lte letter

Letter-to-the-editor | Writer blasts radar for local municipalities

“Interview With a Prostate | The Misunderstood Gland”AARP

steel rainThe US Army’s Multiple Launch Rocket Syystem “The idea of a Multiple rocket Launcher systems is far from new and can be traced back to the invention of gunpowder. The earliest examples were Chinese arrow firing rocket launchers used against the Mongols in the 13th century. The next major step forward was during the Napoleonic wars with the work of Sir William Congreve and his famous Congreve rockets which despite some success and use at the battle of Leipzig in 1813 never proved popular. Until the 20th century the mass use of rockets took a back site to the firearm and conventional artillery. Compared to traditional ‘tube’ artillery the rocket system lacked accuracy but was much cheaper and could cover a larger area faster at short and medium ranges.

War storiesA Myth That Won’t Die About a Gulf War Weapon, and Why It MattersThe New York Times

MLRS | Which country has the most of them? Watch this Youtube clip.

Shocker? Not really. | There’s money in these wars … U.S. Military Resumes Joint Operations With Iraq: The decision to restart military operations in Iraq came less than two weeks after Iraq’s Parliament voted to expel all American forces from Iraq.” – The New York Times

PreSchool Pals January 2020


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