Tuesday’s news items, part 2 [Tim Tebow; Davos, veterans’ benefit & more] – 1/21/2020


Virgin no more | “Tim Tebow marries former Miss Universe in South Africa”The Inquirer

“‘The dog’s going to die one day,’ | but U.S. economy still expected to grow in 2020″The Inquirer

Most of them anyway | Meet the Columbia Borough School District’s Board of Directors

DAVOS: to “improve the state of the world” | “Davos 2020: What is the World Economic Forum and is it elitist?”BBC [NOTE: AT 5:55 AM, POTUS is now speaking — not necessarily truthfully — bu the is blowing his own horn.] Here’s what he said at Davos in 2018.

Now going onWorld Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos is happening 21—24 January 2020. This session will be livestreamed on TopLink and the Forum website. POTUS is there; so, too, is Greta. Simonetta Sommaruga, President of the Swiss Confederation, says, “The world is on fire.”

Attention veterans | “Join Vet Tix and enjoy free tickets to sporting events, concerts and more. More than 6.7 million tickets have been distributed to Vet Tix members.” – VAntagePoint

Heard about | “Elder Index: Measuring the income older adults need to live independently.”

Casting a wide net | That’s Ephrata’s path as it searches for a new police chief. “‘We want to look at every possible candidate out there,’ (councillor and personnel committee member Linda) Martin said. ‘We want to do our due diligence by being thorough.”” – Lancaster Online

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