Friday’s news items [February events; meeting briefs & more] – 1/31/2020

Volunteer: Fresh Express Year 2 | “Fresh Express is a year-round program operated by Central Pennsylvania Food Bank that distributes fruits & vegetables, milk, and eggs to low-income families each month. Fresh Express Columbia will be on the fourth Friday of each month from 3:30-5:30 PM at Park Elementary School (50 S. 6th Street). Click here to sign up to help in February and other months in 2020.

african american month

February | Celebrate and learn during African American History Month: All month long during February.

0131 muni brifs

Click on the above to enlarge the LNP – Always Lancaster Municipal Briefs of Tuesday’s council meeting.

Only in MAGA-land | “As governments around the world race to build out 5G — superfast next-generation wireless technology — the United States has been campaigning to ban the use of telecom equipment made by the world’s largest supplier, China-based Huawei. U.S. officials cite concerns that the Chinese government could use Huawei equipment for spying.

“This week, to the dismay of the White House, the United Kingdom granted permission to Huawei to provide some components for parts of its 5G network. And that decision could lead Germany, Canada and other countries to follow suit.

“Given the promise of 5G — which could one day connect all of our cars, factory equipment, toys, heart-rate monitors and an endless array of other devices to the cloud — leaders around the world are concerned about security. That said, the infrastructure to support 5G has a long way to go and the true “internet of things” is probably years off.” – e-news

dystropian ecological mode | Kill ’em all.NPR

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