Friday’s news items [Columbia makeover; welcome to April; black swan & more] – 1/31/2020

Welcome to April! | … errr … make that February” Accuweather


Today’s “Ambush Makeover” | See Denise Keyser’s makeover.Today Show

black swan

Coronavirus | A Black Swan Like No OtherMoody’s

hate makes great | Fears of coronavirus fuel anti-Chinese racismThe Boston Globe

Companies that are hated | “Sometimes, rather than a single event damaging the reputation, a company’s business practices — and especially its customer service experience — can slowly erode the respect and trust of its employees, its customers, and the public at large.” Here’s a lost of the companies  Americans hate (and like) the most. 

Long read | The Future of American Politics: After tribal war, the politics of weaving.”The New York Times

February 2020 Calendar




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