Thursday’s news items [water; coming attractions; police planning & more] – 1/30/2020

Bide deaths | “From 2016 through 2018, 2,516 cyclists died in traffic accidents, a rate of about 2.6 per million people. “RouteFifty


Good for you? | “Mixing chlorine and drinking water makes toxic byproducts: Chlorination saves lives, but how much is too much?” – Futurity

Harbinger moments | Coming up: There are two days which promise news about our future. The first is Ground Hog Day on Sunday, February 2 and the next is the State of the Union Address son Tuesday, February 4.

Oh, yeah — there’s also a football game on Sunday | Get everything you want to know at the National Football League’s Super Bowl Website.

Approximately? | Shouldn’t the numbers be exactly for the statistics for the Columbia Borough Police Department for 2019. For example, shouldn’t the exact number of “parking tickets issued” be known? Wonder whether the borough would accept “approximately $10.00 to pay for a parking ticket violation? Didn’t see any “approximations” in this department’s annual report.

pd strat plan

Police planning | It’s exciting to see this police department exacting a STRATEGIC PLAN 2020 – 2024. Plan the work and work the plan.

Big game interactive | The US Census Bureau has produced this interactive graphic. The 54th competition to crown a new football champion will feature teams hailing from California and Missouri. Did you know that this game also features players from 33 different states, and five countries?”

Connection? | “Two traits may link major depression, alcohol dependence” – Futurity

Hempfield School District | “A 4.1% tax increase is included in the preliminary budget.” But, “District officials stressed at the time that the tax increase is not yet final.” The proposed millage rate would increase to 17.071; Columbia’s millage rate is 26.460. The projected property tax increase would increase taxes on a property assessed at $200,000 by just over $13 a month.  – School Briefs. –  LNP – Always Lancaster

REMINDER: Trust, but verify | “Woman accused of stealing more than $100,000 from Harrisburg trucking company where she worked” FOX43-TV



  1. Sunday 2 February 2020, is Ground Hog Day. Be sure to get out your Sonny & Cher recordings and watch the movie.

    The way the climate is warming, and so are the temperatures this Winter, there surely will be an early Spring. Have you seen any crocus’s yet?

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