Wednesday’s news items [council meeting notes; strangulation arrests & more] – 2/12/2019

“replace these ‘lifers’’’ | That’s what this Columbia letter-to-the-editor writer suggests about state legislators representing Columbia in his letter in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

Last night’s Council meeting notes | The meeting was livestreamed and is archived at the Columbia Borough facebook page. Of the elected public servants attending were five of the seven councillors and the mayor. Two councillors were absent: Pam Williams “attended” via telephone and Fran Fitzgerald was absent. The borough manager, police chief and four other borough staffers attended in addition to 20 or so persons, citizens, media representatives and other interested persons.

80 Comments • 2 Shares • 827 Views | The metrics (at 5:00 am today) from the facebook video residing at the borough’s facebook page. Certainly there are more online viewers making comments than those who do in person.

  • One of the online commenters asked about the councillor attending by telephone: “Did she move? She’s never at meetings anymore.” 
  • Borough Fire Chief Doug Kemmerly presented the annual fire department report using PowerPoint. He said the report will be posted “at some point” at the fire department’s Webpage that shows previous years’ reports. He noted that number of volunteer fire fighters has increased from last year. Councillor Todd Burgard spoke briefly about the lack of communication issue with a neighboring community’s fire department.
  • The mayor spoke in support the legislation moving through the state legislature to allow local police departments to use radar devices to control speeding. He maintained this is not a revenue raising program, but it is something that will control speeding. Pennsylvania’s Mayors’ Association has a Radar Coalition that seemed to contain his talking points.
  • The Association has a page of action ideas for boroughs to use to help push this legislation; including a list of Pennsylvania municipalities that have “adopted a resolution in support of giving municipal police the option of using radar to enforce the maximum speeds.” Somehow, Columbia is not listed.
  • The mayor decried the Governor’s idea to have municipalities pay for State Police services.
  • The interim borough manager praised the borough staff saying “they are wonderful.”
  • Susan Love, a member of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, talked about the upcoming Industrial Hemp Awareness Fair. “We’re hosting an Industrial Hemp Awareness Fair for Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 as a Fundraiser to supplement what we may not obtain through Grants for our Rotary Park Renovation Project.”

wht map

Well … almost | Columbia borough is almost surrounded by West Hempfield Township; Just a patch is touched by Manor Township.

Today really is |Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.Time and Date

Two? | Strangulation arrests reported by Policeoddly, one of the charged is pictured while the other’s not. Columbia Borough Police Department CrimeWatch page

Coming | St. John Neumann School for Children and Families: “The school will open in June 2020 and families can reach out now to learn more about the enrollment process if they are interested.”

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