Thursday’s news items [at the Library; cultural changes; trauma informed communities] – 2/13/2020

What’s with “two weeks notice?” | “It’s a norm that likely goes back to the 1940s and ’50s when a lot of big companies were formalizing their human resource practices and the “two-week notice” started showing up more in employee handbooks. – MarketPlace


Health care’s “iron triangle”: cost, quality, and access | “What Is Medicare for All and How Would It Work?”TeenVogue

“Few Americans understand how dire the consequences of a wholesale privatization of our public education might be—or how close we are to seeing just such a fate set into motion” | “Who Controls Our Schools? How Billionaire-Sponsored Privatization Is Destroying Democracy and Enriching the Charter School Industry”AlterNet

community culture change needed |“The world of thinking about trauma, the importance of school climate and social-emotional learning is 20, 30, 40 years behind the world of instruction.The Notebook

Are you watching this modern day version? | “Law and justice in the Third Reich: The Third Reich was a police state characterized by arbitrary arrest and imprisonment of political and ideological opponents in concentration camps.” – The Holocaust Encyclopedia

THIS IS A LONG READ!The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake: What many of us remember is a myth as life forces changes.



  1. Let’s not descend to kill the messenger; no winners in doing that.

    Media bias takes place in many different ways. Last weekend’s orgy over the firing of Col. Vindmand’s brother, Yevgeny, is a perfect example. The impression given was that he was an innocent bystander that was removed simply because he was a family member. The truth is much more complex and totally ignored by the major (left of center) news organizations. I don’t believe This was an accident.

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