Sunday’s news items [a report on The Bridge; Census; food serving inspections; protests, rights & more] – 2/16/2020

Years away | LNP – Always Lancaster‘s “Watchdog” column says that the the make-over of The Bridge (Veterans Memorial Bridge) is years away with and that the construction project “isn’t anticipated until the winter of 2022-23” and it will take “slightly more than three years to complete.”

Heavy toll | The top of page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster remembers the battle for Iwo Jima (Feb. 19, 1945, to March 26, 1945). The article’s sidebar lists Lancaster County battle casualties; included in that list are two teen aged Marines from Columbia — Pfc. Merlin E. Bigler and Pvt. Lee B. Miller — and Pvt. August A. Dinkel Jr. from Washington Boro. 

“Less than one month | until U.S. households receive 2020 Census invitations”US Census Bureau


BEWARE | “This ‘Census’ form in your mailbox isn’t from the government. Here’s who sent it out and why.”The Sacramento Bee

Food serving inspections | recent inspections in Columbia

Long time coming | “The Senate passed a resolution that says President Donald Trump can no longer take military action in Iran without lawmakers’ approval. Congress will have to authorize military operations with a vote, except in cases when the U.S. faces an ‘imminent attack.'” Are the old white men coming to their senses?Newsy

Sue you, too | “After punishment for sitting during Pledge of Allegiance, student sues his school district” Pennsylvania Record

LONG(ER) READ | “‘Sublime Madness’ | Anarchists, Psychiatric Survivors, Emma Goldman & Harriet Tubman”counterpunch

A rose is a rose | One way or another; control is the watchword: “The bullying was on display even as they protested, students said. Students in the cafeteria crowded by a window through which they could see the students protesting outside. Some students made offensive gestures to them, mouthed slurs and even ran outside to shout at them.” – Lancaster Online

The Warwick students …  | These protesters

45 years of SNL | This 1975 New Yorker Magazine article about it is a bit longer; it’s a review of the premiers season of Saturday Night Live “peels off the rest of the cosmetics.”

Municipal Briefs | In today’s LNP – Always Lancaster, it’s reported that Elizabethtown’s council “looked favorably” on a proposed new 44-unit apartment complex with a zoning variance request to have a reduced number of parking spaces. And in Lititz, a crowd of police officers and family members applauded when the borough’s police dog, Nisha, was officially sworn in. Nisha and her police officer will “handle narcotics detection, tracking, and criminal apprehension.”


Ouch! You’re stepping on my pouch (er, ah, purse) | It’s back again, the newspaper ad campaign from the casino industry. The campaign is designed to stop the “games of skill” impetus that’s challenging the “games of chance.” In their haste to gain revenue, once again, Pennsylvania’s over-zealous and over-paid legislators have stepped on their collective di*ks by crafting legislation with clear as mud verbiage.

Once again … | It’s really crappy and insidious that the Pennsylvanian’s Against Illegal Gambling folks don’t identify which agencies, organizations, lobbying groups or whomever constitutes the entity what paid for the ad.

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