Tuesday’s news items [a win, next stop: Camp Hill & more] – 2/18/2020


A win | Columbia heads to Camp Hill after dropping Lancaster Mennonite.Lancaster Online

Yesterday, there was an  | Active shooter drill at the Library … on a holiday when the Library was closed. And the lessons learned were … ?

For Sale:  2004 Ford F350 four-wheel-drive pickup truck with Western V plow | And Denver borough is selling its vehicle as its councillors opted to “display the truck in front of the borough garage with a ‘For Sale’ sign.” – LNP – Always Lancaster

Somehow, Manheim Township gets permission | to hang banners across a five-lane highway. The municipality knows how to attract passers-by; “Banners across Lititz Pike at Stauffer Mansion will advertise the Native Plant and Wildlife Festival in Overlook Park on April 25” according to the Municipal Brief is today’s LNP – Always Lancaster.

the leadership: morally and now financially bankrupt | “Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy protection amid sex abuse lawsuits”FOX43-TV

“Asphalt Bid | Instructions for Asphalt Bidders 2020Borough Website

Personal vs. political? | That’s the First Amendment issue at play. “If an individual uses a private account, but they start using it for political purposes or actually in relation to the work that they do, they can actually start looking at it differently.” That’s being brought front and center: “Twitter war over Lt. Governor’s personal Twitter account could be settled in court.” – CBS21-TV


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