Wednesday’s news items, part 2 [transparency with pressure; another borough considers contract policing; set them free & more] – 2/19/2020

Not without a RTK! | Lancaster County’s office of the District Attorney (with a new District Attorney) and pressure from Lancaster Newspapers in the form of Right-To-Know submissions) posts this at its CrimeWatch page:

“Our office has made public purchase receipts and other documents regarding drug forfeiture account transactions from 2017 through the end of fiscal year 2018. The documents are available in a searchable database via DropBox. You can view the documents HERE.”

pulling teeth

Why? | Why is getting certain information from some government agencies like pulling teeth? Why do some governments persist in trying to hide some information from citizens?

Careful what you vote for | What’s Bloomberg gonna look like? Look at Toomey.The Inquirer

Another Lancaster County borough | looks at contracted policing to save Lancaster Online

02192020 muni briefSOURCE: LNP – Always Lancaster, February 19, 2020

Rich lawbreakers, yes! everyday Joe & Josephine’s, different story! | While POTUS is showing the “milk of human kindness” there are those who resist passing that along. “Free and clear from library fines: The Philadelphia Free Library this week announced that it would stop charging fines for overdue books, allowing 88,000 families to start borrowing books again. But some have balked at the idea, including Linda Kerns with Broad + Liberty, a conservative nonprofit organization. Kerns argued that the action is another example of lawlessness in the city. From her op-ed in The Inquirer: “The message is clear: ideological convenience and even the coddling of lawbreakers trump personal responsibility and good citizenship.”

““Time’s up. Time’s up for raising taxes. Time’s up for taking our dollars for granted. Time’s up for disrespecting people at school board meetings.” | Municipality leader takes school board to task with contentious comments. WFMZ69-TV

Government gone awry (or clueless) | “Sold for $1, resold for riches: How Philly gave away $54 million in properties” The Inquirer

Next: King of the world | “‘chief law enforcement officer’ of America”The Washington Post

Balls? Nope! | Walls, yep. Higher is betterBloomberg News


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