Wednesday’s news items[Tackling clutter; school board meeting agenda; all for one & more] – 2/19/2020

Give less – be more like the rich | ““Before the (tax) law changed, it turned out that middle-income people donated a larger share of their income than the highest income people.” – MarketWatchTackling Clutter 2.20.20

LONG READ | “Could Corporations Control What’s Taught in Our Public Schools?”Truth Dig

Artistic Rebirth | “Can Art Bring A Dying Arkansas Town Back To Life?”The Bitter Southerner

F&M’s Comic Book Common Hour | Exploring Identity, Finding Healing Through Art”F&M news item  

02202020 school board agenda

02202020 sb financial

Tomorrow evening | The School District’s financial statement is included with the School Board of Directors’ meeting; click on the above graphics to read each.


collaborating, collapsing, consolidating, community | That’s what this town’s Mainspring is about. The sum is greater than the pieces. e pluibus unim. 

Dartagnan-musketeersd’Artagnan with the Three Musketeers.

Un pour tous, tous pour un | The theme of Athos, Porthos and Aramis — the Three Musketeers — according to Alexandre Dumas. One for all and all for one.


  1. Thanks for publishing the article about comic-book creator Joshua Luna’s talk at F&M last Thursday.

    The F&M Common Hour talks on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. are free to the public. Talks are given by a wide variety of people on many topics. Often the the speaker is nationally and international well-known. When you go, they have free pizza slices and fruit.

    The next talk is tomorrow, 2/19: THE CRIMINAL (IN) JUSTICE SYSTEM: GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. The presenter is Yusef Salaam, Poet, Activist, and Inspirational Speaker.

    One may contact F&M to get on their mailing list and receive “premiere,” their cultural arts calendar at FANDM.EDU.

  2. Also, the F&M Common Hour on March 5, 2020, may be of interest to news media folks and, of course, the rest of the public :”How to Spot Disinformation in Today’s Media.” The presenter is Julie Smith, Instructor, Webster University School of Communications

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