Friday’s news items [Tide: still in the hunt; sore losers and vile winners; job openings; & more] – 2/21/2020

Crunched in Camp Hill, sigh, again | but “Crimson Tide still alive for state playoffs”Lancaster Online

in the news

They’re looking for | police chiefs in:

and a township manager in Newberry Township

and a chief financial officer at LHOP

Resistance | What happens when the former leaders impede, attack, resist, ridicule? In one Lancaster County community, the incoming leader just resigned. There’s no gracious, concerted collaborative transition to move the nation or a local municipality forward; there’s just sniping and “sore loser-ism” or, in the case of Washington, a “sorry-ass winnerism” vendatta — we’ve seen it with POTUS, locally and in this township.

Lancaster County Sheriff sales listing

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