WTH? What’s next? Martial Law?


Look at what’s posted at the Borough Website!


  1. Chief taking over for the Borough manager? If this like POTUS taking over for the Attorney General?
    Maybe the manager is sick.

    • Nah, the official notice at this point is “Official comment from Borough Council President, Heather Zink.

      “The Interim Manager was a contracted employee. The contract has ended. It is a Personnel matter that I am not at liberty to discuss any further.
      Additionally, We are in the middle of our search for a permanent manager and have no timeline to share at this time. The Chief assumed the position of Interim Manager yesterday. I have every confidence the Chief will be able to keep the data to day operations running until we have hired a permanent manager.”

      But it sure looks like the drama taking place in Wonderland, huh?

  2. It sure does. Perhaps a whistle blower might come forward to inform us of some behind the scenes happenings.

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