OPINION: It’s a plot! NOT!

How about those folks who keep claiming that the COVID 19 virus is a “hoax?”

A “myth” concocted by the “dadgummed liberals?”

A “plot” devised by the media?

“Hype – it’s just the flu?


Wonder if they’re paying attention to what’s happening all around them?

  • St. Patrick’s Day parades canceled.
  • NCAA Championships canceled.
  • NBA and NHL seasons suspended.
  • In classroom college classes canceled.
  • The Pope believes it
  • Over 800 dead in Italy; entire nation in lockdown.
  • States of Emergency declared in numerous cities across the area, state, country.

Because the DIC makes senseless commentary is not a reason to dismiss science. Being a faithful loyalist has its risks. Choose your leaders carefully — stay away from “hoax hucksters.”

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