Thursday’s news items [communication is key; NIMBY & more] – 3/12/2020


“Out of An Abundance of Caution | I Have No Clue What to Do” – This writer asks the questions that many of us have: “Someone at my office may have been exposed to coronavirus. Should I go to my nephew’s birthday party this weekend?” – Vice

Lily pads | “When a danger is growing exponentially, everything looks fine until it doesn’t”The Washington Post


Rugged individalism? | It’s not exactly NIMBY nor rugged individualism? Maybe it’s just good old dumass “I want it my way” because I want it?  A page one article in today’s LNP – Always Lancaster points out the tribalism in Elizabethtown. More than 150 parents came out in force for the School District’s Board of Director’s meeting as the board was trying to decide to save money by consolidating two elementary schools. Seems folks want it all: lower taxes and everything they want. How in the world will people ever come to their senses and understand that tribalism is really expensive? The “makes sense” consolidation of school districts, police departments; governing entities makes sense economically. But as long as people can afford tribalism, they will cling to it.  The article says, “Many residents said Tuesday that paying more taxes is better than seeing Rheems and Mill Road close.” Yeah, they say that now, because their kids are in elementary school …

Agencies with Columbia connections to merge | “Tabor and Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) are proposing to merge”news release

Timely, authoritative communication is key | Pennsylvania Department of Health: The Pennsylvania Department of Health is working diligently to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Pennsylvania and share information. Updates continue to be posted regularly DOH coronavirus webpage. The Department of Health is beginning daily press briefings on COVID-19 at noon every day. These briefings are livestreamed on PAcast. The CDC COVID-19 webpage offers a wealth of information and resources on outbreak in the United States. Information on the disease, situation updates, and specific information for travel and professionals is available and updated as needed. The Pennsylvania Department of Health works in collaboration with the CDC for factual material.

va screeningDrivers and passengers of vehicles entering the Veterans Affairs Medical Center at Lebanon are being screened (not tested) for COVID 19 before access to the facility is allowed.

Pandemic influenza | “Influenza pandemics have occurred every 10 to 60 years, with three occurring in the twentieth century (1918, 1957-1958, and 1967-1968). Influenza pandemics occur when there is a notable genetic change (termed genetic shift) in the circulating strain of influenza. Because of this genetic shift, a large portion of the human population is entirely vulnerable to infection from the new pandemic strain. This scenario hypothetically relates what could happen during the next influenza pandemic without an effective preplanned response.

“When planning and preparing for the next influenza pandemic, there are two equally important timelines. One describes the spread of the influenza pandemic and the other describes the effort to develop, test, produce, and distribute an effective vaccine.”

NPS pandemic

The above is taken from the National Planning Scenarios (released in 2005) —  then, and now, municipalities were advised to incorporate the scenarios into their emergency planning programs. But, so many did not. It’s a “what, me worry” world.

elanco's messageAt the home page of Columbia’s former superintendent’s school district.

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