Wednesday’s news items [all veterans; “This is real!”; lousy leadership lies and kills & more] – 3/11/2020

Veteran county leadership | This just struck us: each of the Lancaster County Commissioners is a military service veteran; Craig Lehman, Josh Parsons and Ray D’Agostino all have served. There a major difference in veteran leadership and tenured leadership.

“This is real!” | Unlike the beliefs of so many “staunch believers” and naysayers the coronavirus is a real thing. It is not media hype, nor is it a political scheme. Today’s LNP – Always Lancaster opinion page cites why.

“Routinely, as influenza approached a city or town—one could watch it march from place to place—local officials initially told the public not to worry, that public health officials would prevent the disease from striking them. When influenza first appeared, officials routinely insisted at first it was only ordinary influenza, not the Spanish flu. As the epidemic exploded, officials almost daily assured the public that the worst was over.” – Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine article.

barry book

lessons unlearned | Elected public servants, particularly vain, uneducated, tenured ones, focus on themselves rather than those they are elected to serve. This stupidity showed in the Great Pandemic of 1918-1919. The above extract is from this selection: “1918 REVISITED: LESSONS AND SUGGESTIONS FOR FURTHER INQUIRY” and bears reading, though it is a long read. Written by John Barry, the author of the definitive book about that pandemic, relates in a riveting manner what happened as that pandemic occurred.


Very interesting | Noticed this LEGAL NOTICE advising that Hempfield and Penn Manor School Districts announce a “joint meeting” to present an overview and update on Open Campus PA. Both sides of Columbia!

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  1. During the middle years of the Obama administration, the federal reserve inflated the US economy by approximately one trillion dollars a year for five years to avoid a financial disaster. This amounts to approximately 3300$ a year for every citizen.

    Politics aside, this demonstrated that the US economy could absorb this vast amount of inflation without boiling over. A direct payment of 3k to all citizen may be in exactly is what is needed to deal with the economic crisis that may be developing. My point is that the economy has proven it can be pumped up without spilling over into runaway inflation. It will be quite interesting to see how the politics plays out.

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